Krakow Paediatric Autumn 2015

On behalf of Medycyna Praktyczna, the scientific committee chair and lecturers, we invite you to another conference from the Paediatric Autumn cycle. As in previous years, paediatricians can choose between Krakow and Warsaw. The Krakow conference will take place on the 11th and the 12th of September 2015.

This year the Krakow Paediatric Autumn will be held in the modern ICE Krakow Conference Centre in the heart of Krakow. During breaks, we guarantee a beautiful view of Wawel Hill, and after the conference you can take a short relaxing walk to the Old Town.

Is it worth taking part in the Paediatric Autumn 2015? Here are the 5 arguments for those who still hesitate:

1. Practical topics, a varied program, latest information and useful advice, numerous colour photographs of symptoms, videos illustrating disturbances and the rules of examination, practical algorithms of conduct – everything in a large, but easily digestible portion. It is a knowledge pill that will help you earn the gratitude of your patients and their parents.

2. At training workshops with the use of phantoms, videos, otoscopes, a videootoscope and other training aids, you will acquire new skills or refresh forgotten ones. Take matters into your own hands – this is the most efficient methods of learning.

3. After each session, there is much time for a discussion and answers to questions from the audience. You will learn what problems are encountered in practice by other doctors. Maybe the same thing will happen to you?

4. Rich training materials that will help you reinforce your knowledge and refresh the most important information. Special discount offers for new publications of Medycyna Praktyczna for participants in the conference.

5. Instead of further 5 arguments: every year almost 2,500 doctors participate in two conferences under the Paediatric Autumn cycle, and lists of participants are filled in 100%. That should be the best recommendation.

The full program of the conference is available HERE.


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